Pay, get paid and keep track of your expenses

We are an all-in-one payment app that allows you to securely pay, accept payments and manage your spending without worrying about cash.

How it works

Download the app and link your mobile accounts for free, to start paying and getting paid. From Orange money to MTN Mobile Money, we have it all.

Create an account

Download the app for free and create your account in just 2 minutes. If you are a merchant, set up your business to start accepting payments.

Link a mobile money number

Add one or more mobile money numbers to your account to pay and get paid. It’s free and will always be.

Pay and get paid

Once you link your mobile money, you can start paying or receiving cashless payments with your unique QR code. 


Pay offline, take a closer look at how much you earned and how much you spent at the end of each week or month.

Cashless payment

Are you a merchant? Get paid by generating a QR code instantly. It’s fast, secure and there are no hidden fees.

Cashflow report

Get detailed reports on how much was spent and where it was spent in the previous week and month.

Offline payments

No internet? No problem, with Futa you can accept payments without internet and receive them directly to your mobile money account.

And more...

24/7 Assistance

If you encounter any difficulties our support team is always there to help you.

Instant payouts

We do not keep your money. Your money is sent directly to your mobile money.

Great security

All your personal data and transactions are encrypted and secure.

Download Futa now, to pay and get paid.